Orff, Music for Children

Normandale Preschool is pleased to offer Orff, Music for Children, a music and movement enrichment class. The Orff approach is a way of introducing and teaching children about music on a level that they can easily comprehend. Musical concepts are learned through singing, chanting, dance, movement, drama, and playing. Improvision, composition and a child's natural sense of play are encouraged. The Orff method often uses instruments like xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels. The key charactaristics of this approach is that lessons are presented with an element of play, which helps children learn at their own level of understanding.

Our Orff Class is open to 4 & 5 year old students, and meets on Thursdays, from 12:30 -3:00 pm.  Join the fun and playful world of Orff Music!