COVID-19 Guidance

Normandale Preschool provides a variety of resources and guidelines regarding our response and expectations surrounding our current COVID-19 pandemic. We provide these resources here, but be aware that guidance may change. We will update Families and Staff if/when guidance changes, and update this page to reflect new guidance.

Our COVID-19 plan is our guide for how we will operate during the pandemic.

Our Health Screening document provides guidance about COVID-19 symptoms that Parents and Staff are expected to review for themselves and their children each day before coming to school.

The COVID-19 Decision Tree from the Minnesota Department of Health can help guide you in your decisions about whether to send your child to school, as well as next steps for your family if you or your child is sick.

Face masks are required for all staff, and highly encouraged  for all children. Face Mask guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health provides guidance about safely using a face mask.

There are simple things you and your family can do to help stop the spread of germs like COVID-19. To find out more, please check out this guidance from the CDC.

We expect that our Normandale Preschool Community will abide by these standards and guidelines. By following these guidelines, we can create a safer community for our Normandale Preschool Families!